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Order Help

Does accept fax or phone orders?

Our sales department can help process large volume orders over phone, fax or email. Smaller orders (less than $2,000) must be placed through the Website.

Can I change my order after submitting it online?

An order cannot be changed or cancelled after it has reached our warehouse(s) for shipment. Due to the size of our shipping operations, it is very difficult to track down an order after it reaches the warehouse step.

How can I cancel my order?

You may cancel your order online as long as the "Cancel Order" button is still available in the invoice summary under your account page. Log into your account and click on the invoice number to see the invoice summary. If we haven't processed your order yet, you may click on the "Cancel Order" button to cancel your order. Please note that we cannot cancel your order after it has reached our warehouse for processing.

What is a Rush Processing Fee?

For your convenience, offers you the option of rushing your order for an additional fee provided: 

- The order is not a custom-built PC or notebook system 

- The order is submitted before 1:00PM PST 

- Your transaction and credit card authorization is successfully completed before 1:30PM PST 

- Your shipping address matches your credit card billing address (i.e. No shipment to alternate address.) 

- The order is not a Pre-Paid Check order

Please note that the Rush Processing Fee does not reduce the actual delivery speed of your order. The fee is meant to rush the ordering process within our facilities. If you need to rush the delivery process you will need to select Overnight or another priority shipment method when selecting your delivery option.

Our maximum liability for the rush order process is limited to the fee itself ($5.99). While cannot guarantee the same day shipment for all orders, we will do our best to release the order for shipment or your rush processing fee will be refunded.

I submitted an order earlier today, but now I need to order more items. Can I combine two different orders to save on shipping and handling?

We cannot combine orders for you over the phone. The best course of action would be to cancel the original order and then create a new order containing the total number of items you want. However, please be aware that we cannot cancel an order after it has reached our warehouse for shipment.

Do you offer volume discounts?

We have a sales team dedicated to servicing large volume IT buyers including resellers, schools, government, SMBs and large corporations. Please contact our sales department for immediate assistance.

I submitted my order, but I did not see an order confirmation page. Was my order processed?

Most likely our server received your order, but communication back to your server was interrupted. Please DO NOT attempt to resubmit your order on-line. Attempting to do so may result in duplicate orders, causing you to be charged twice for your order. If you have any question about whether or not we have received your order, please check your email account for an order confirmation and your account page for a new invoice history entry. If you still have questions, please contact a customer service representative at 1-866-931-2075 to ensure that we received your order.

I may have accidentally submitted duplicate orders. What should I do?

Please log into your account page and cancel one of the duplicate orders. We will make our best effort to cancel the order before it reaches our warehouse(s). If duplicate orders have been shipped, note all the tracking numbers for the orders you do not want and decline the delivery of those orders. The shipping company will automatically return the package(s) to Once we receive the package(s), you will be refunded the total amount of the returned duplicate orders minus the shipping and handling fees.

How long does it take to process an order?

We advise customers that it typically takes one to two business days for us to process an order before it ships out. In reality, we aim to ship all orders out as quickly as we can, usually the same day if possible. Once the order leaves our shipping facilities, the delivery time will be determined by the shipping method you selected for your order.

I have received an email notification that my order has been cancelled or has been voided. Why?

A voided or cancelled order usually indicates that we encountered a problem with the credit card or the shipping address. We will cancel an order if the credit card on file has been declined or if the shipping address can not be verified and we are unable to contact the customer within a reasonable amount of time, typically three business days.

Can I reactivate an order that has been cancelled or voided?

No. The only way to regenerate a cancelled order is to submit a new order online.

What does it mean when my order is on backorder?

Product availability as shown on our site is based on our inventory data, but a discrepancy in inventory status may result in an item being labeled as "backordered" or out of stock. We make every attempt to ensure the accuracy of our inventory, but occasionally backorders may occur because we do not deduct items from our inventory count until the order payment and address information has been verified.

Is it possible to pre-order or backorder an item that is not in stock?

Unfortunately, we do not accept pre-orders or backorders at this time. However, the Website will accept orders for products that we expect to have in stock shortly-these products will display a "Ships in X-XX days" estimated time of arrival.

After I place my order, how will I be notified of the progress of my order? will keep you informed of your order by e-mail and through your account page on the Website. Once an item is shipped, we will email you the tracking number of your shipment.

How do I handle a situation when an item is missing from my order?

Please check your order tracking numbers to verify that you have received all packages. Please also check all packing material for small items that may be difficult to spot. If you are still missing items, call our customer service line at (510) 445-4369 or email

Is it possible for a customer service representative to physically pull a product from inventory and describe it to me?

Due to tight inventory security our customer service representatives cannot physically access products for visual inspection.

If an item says, "Must be purchased with hardware", what is considered "hardware"?

Some products, software products in particular, may have order restrictions with additional hardware purchase requirements. These items will require you to purchase any non-software item ("hardware") with the product to complete the purchase.

Can I take advantage of a manufacturer's mail-in rebate with

Yes, provided that the purchase satisfies the terms or conditions as stated by the manufacturer on the rebate form. Some rebates are retailer-specific and may only be applicable for products purchased from distribution outlets listed on the rebate itself. Please read each rebate carefully. If you have any questions regarding the rebate's terms and conditions or redemption instructions, please contact the manufacturer directly. For your convenience, offers a Rebate Center where you can view and download the latest manufacturer rebate forms. We try our best to advertise any current Manufacturer rebates on our website.

How do Combo Specials work?

Occasionally, we will offer discounts on multiple (combo) items. To take advantage of this offer, click the "Buy Now" button located next to the combo deal offer. Your shopping cart should display all of the combo items and the discount.

These specials are subject to end without notice. TheKeyKey is not responsible for any typographical errors.

Do you have a Reseller program?

We will accept purchase orders (POs) on a case by case basis. Please understand that all business POs (not school or government) require upfront payment either by credit card, PayPal, money order, or wire transfer. Please contact our sales department for further assistance.

Do you charge sales tax?

We charge sales tax in the great state of California. Customers outside of California will not be charged sales tax. California resellers please follow the instructions on our resellers page to validate your reseller permit for tax exemption.